My academic and professional background lies in the humanities, languages and dealing with people in everyday life. My interests range across scientific, environmental,  social and educational issues, music, outdoor activities and family concerns. Writing non-fiction, and making the information clear, interesting and easy to read, is my main skill.

How it’s done

When editing, proofreading or rewriting, my usual method is to receive and return documents in Microsoft® Word as email attachments, and amend them using track changes. I can also work with PDF documents using Adobe® Acrobat, or on paper using pen and ink – as you prefer.
Ghost writing may involve meeting or phoning you to discuss the project, working from audio recordings or notes, or corresponding by email or letters, as appropriate.

In all cases, I would expect to work closely with you throughout, to make sure the style and content were what you wanted. Authorship would remain with you.

Example fees

Editing, rewriting or proofreading      £15 per thousand words
Ghost writing      £20 per thousand words

I’m happy to offer a free trial of my services – please feel welcome to send me a sample of text to check or revise. For more information, please see the Contact page.

I aim to send back short assignments (up to about 10 pages) within three days. Longer ones depend on the amount of work involved.