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I’m a freelance writer and editor of many years’ experience, and I’d be happy to help with any of your writing needs. I work from home; I’m independent and adaptable; and the fees are low and straightforward.

How can I help?

You may need to get your notes, articles, letters or memoirs into shape. Perhaps you want your writing to sound more fluent, or you need to check out the grammar and punctuation, or ensure you get the right message across. You may feel that writing down all your ideas yourself would take too long. Or you may simply prefer to spend your time doing anything other than write.

I could, for example:

  • • check what you’ve written already to make sure it’s clear and grammatically correct
  • • suggest ways to make it easier to read
  • • rewrite it entirely where necessary
  • • turn your notes into articles or letters
  • • ghost write your memoirs or life story.

Learn more

Please feel welcome to take a look at the Services page for more information about how I may be able to help you. See the Experience page for more about my work.

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